[eDebate] 2006 Debater's Choice Awards Ballot

Aaron Kall mardigras23
Thu Apr 13 00:34:04 CDT 2006

Please e-mail your ballot to me at aaronkall at gmail.com if possible.

April 13, 2006

The University of Michigan Debate Team welcomes you to the 2006 and Seventh
Annual Debater's Choice Awards. The Debater's Choice Awards brings the power
back to the people themselves- the debaters. Virtually every award in our
activity is decided by someone other than a debater. The DCA lets debaters
voice their opinions.

Here's how it works. Only college debaters can fill out this form. To be
eligible, you need to have attended at least one college debate tournament
during the 2005-2006 season. You have about one week to submit your ballot
to me.  Please e-mail your ballot to me at aaronkall at gmail.com.

To ensure your confidentiality, I will remove your name and e-mail address
from your ballot when tabulating the results. Please only vote for one
person/team/tournament per question except for questions 1, 15, and 16.  Not 
everyone is on edebate, so please forward this message to your teammates and 

I will submit the results of the survey as soon as I can tabulate them all,
with the exception of the first question. The best varsity debater of the
year will be revealed in an ESPN Sports Century Countdown format. I will
publish a list of the 10 best varsity debaters of the year in alphabetical
order. Then I will count down from 10 to 1, releasing one debater a day
until we have the DCA Debater of the Year. In ESPN fashion, I'd like to have
a biography on each person. Contact me after I publish the list if you'd 
to write a bio.


Aaron Kall
University of Michigan

DCA 2005-2006 Ballot

1. Best Varsity Debater of the Year (please pick five and rank in order)?
2. Best 2A of the year?
3. Best 2N of the year?
4. Best 1N of the year?
5. Best 1A of the year?
6. Speediest debater?
7. Most comprehensible?
8. Best team against kritiks?
9. Best team running kritiks?
10. Best team on the aff?
11. Best team on the neg?
12. Best overall debate tournament excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?
13. Best tournament hospitality excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?
14. Tournament with the best awards excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?
15. Best judge (please pick five and rank in order)?
16. Best first year judge (please pick three and rank in order)?
17. Best rising sophomore (will be sophomore in 06-07 year)?
18. Best rising junior (will be junior in 06-07 year)?
19. Prediction of who will be the best senior debater next year (will be 
senior in 06-07 year)?
20. Most improved debater?
21. Most underrated team?
22. Best overall squad?
23. Funniest debater?
24. Squad you would most want to debate for, other than your own?
25. Best squad for novices?
26. Most Gullible Debater?
27. Team (Team- Not School) with best Negative Flexibility (between Kritik 
and Policy)?
28. Team (Team- Not School) that borrows carts the most?
29. Best team (Team- Not School) to borrow carts from?
30. Squad with the highest quality evidence?
31. Team (Team- Not School) which consistently reads the shortest evidence?
32. Best debater at Cross Examination?
33. Team (Team- Not School) you are most uncomfortable debating?
34. Best Squad at Returning Cite Requests?
35. Worst Squad at Returning Cite Requests?
36. Rank the following topic area choices from 1-3(1 being best and 3 being
worst): Overrule a Supreme Court Decision, Intellectual Property Rights, 
Executive Authority in the War on Terror
37. Should Roe v. Wade be part of the Overrule a Supreme Court Decision 
38.  Do you approve of the new NDT rule that says schools may only designate 
up to two
non-undergraduates as NDT Workers?

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