[eDebate] Darrin and Ron and a Resolution

Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Thu Apr 13 13:36:08 CDT 2006

I haven't read the piece; we are at phi rho pi nats; i will of course.

for now:  Hicks and Greene are 2 of the smartest folks i know that went 
through debate.  that they started as punks from nowhere who had their minds 
opened and vistas unshuttered in large part by debate but now argue that 
what we do (and should do... for their gang) is produce fanatics and 
ideologues is absurd.  they are both the proof and the disproof of their 
thesis.  exceptionalism indeed!

IF, that is, they are being represented fairly...

Michael Korcok

p.s. Jackie!  how about THIS resolution to solve the "switch-side problem" ?

Resolved: the monkey should dance to the left, to the left, the left, left, 

Monkey Dance Left Resolution confirms all fervently held flimsily warranted 
existent beliefs of almost all of us. not one of us will fall to pieces 
dancedebating THIS resolution: it just strokes us gently like mommie 
whispering nice things.

Monkey Dance Left Resolution lets aff do the Pander topically. BE THE 
MONKEY.  look at us judge!  Our dancedebate shows you what you want to hear! 
  that you know, that you are good, that you are the holy holy warrior of 
justice.  we are YOUR dancing pander monkeys!

Monkey Dance Left Resolution invites productive negative actions like Monkey 
Dance Lefter Counterplan! And Monkey Don?t Dance Kritik. And Monkey Rap Hip 
Counterproject.  Fresh signification found in switch-side dancedebate!

Monkey Dance Left Resolution fits all of the topic papers!  Monkey Dance 
Bush Evil, Monkey Dance Supreme Court Stupid, and Monkey Dance Capitalism 
Sucks all covered!  Don?t need no divisive topic vote.

Monkey Dance Left Resolution sounds just like Monkey Dance Left Revolution 
but isn?t!  How cool is that?

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