[eDebate] Courts Topic?

Sarah Spring spring.sarah
Thu Apr 13 17:33:22 CDT 2006

I am confused after all of the controversy about Roe and all of this about
how we will know which area the court topic will cover? How will the topic
committee decide? There are two different Courts topic papers now from
Galloway, are other people writing topic papers about other courts areas? Do
we get to vote on which on those we want? It seems like the executive power
area is possibly one of those "courts" areas that could be included in a
courts topic. How many different choices will be on the ballot? What are the
possible choices? Is it a list topic? There are innumerable cases that could
be in that list... I guess the Topic committee would put out a ton of
different options and choices for list combinations, but in the past a large
number of resolutions seems to end up with not the best topic winning in the
end. Would it be possible to have a non-list courts topic? It just seems to
me that the idea of a courts topic is vague right now and perhaps a little
discussion about these issues before the vote would be good so we dont end
up being suprised when the courts topic we wanted is not the one we get
after the topic meeting.

Sarah Spring
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