[eDebate] Answers for Swampy - my resolution!

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Thu Apr 13 17:39:15 CDT 2006

I have some answers for Elliott --

Ede aint leaving.

You did leave.  You had one good team that i know of -- they quit listenting to you and got married!

I have a resolution -- how about elliott never posts to edebate until he has team.

i can poke fun too!

Everyone that sides with Scott Elliott please speak up!



You still around? Should you be able to have input in policy debate after you 
caved in like a punk and walked away from the activity? ( I am pissed that you 
gave up on CEDA like you did) To put that aside for a moment. 

Here's the solution for you and Jackie: 

"Resolved: ______________(insert your personal belief system here)." 

Yes, this fulfills the pedagogical goals ofacademic debate. Yes, every 
affirmative will be able to argue "I feel X------and if you disagree you are an 
asshole, homophobe, nazi, racist, bastard---that is, unless any of these terms 
personally offend you." 

Personally, I would love this topic. My teams would have about two tubs of 
generic files to carry around. A good nihlism K. We would be good to go. Even 
better, we would just PIC your plan, if you have one, and run a politics disad. 
Man, you and Jackie are really on to something. You and Jackie are doing a great 
service to policy debate. 


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