[eDebate] From Rashad Evans

Kenda Cunningham kjc32
Thu Apr 13 22:13:44 CDT 2006

Dear Debate People,

I am not keeping up with the full discussion, but I have a topic 

Why don't you have a debate topic on how debate should be.  I read 
about the need for a "study" about the activity and its desirability, 
and this is a great way to do that.  

It also seems to be a good way to discuss the many issues facing 
debate including racial and gender diversity, traditional policy vs. 
the alternatives, etc. so on and so forth.  

It might be a great way to force the community to think very hard 
about these issues and research them.

There would be long term advantages.


-- Rashad W. Evans University of Pennsylvania Law School J.D. Candidate 

Kenda Cunningham
Director of Debate
Georgetown University
kjc32 at georgetown.edu

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