[eDebate] fwd: from Russ Hubbard Re: Resolution Controversy

Aaron Kall mardigras23
Fri Apr 14 00:45:39 CDT 2006

It appears that many of the same issues about how to debate, which style is 
better, and where debate is heading have yet to be resolved since I finished 
debating in 2002.  After reading the current conversation taking place 
between Jackie, Josh, and Ede I thought that this would be a great 
opportunity for those on the left like Jackie and Ede to finally tell the 
rest of the debate community how they would word a resolution (assuming they 
would have a resolution at all) if they had the sole power to control the 
framing/direction of the topic for next year.  So, to Jackie, Ede, and 
anyone else who wishes to contribute to this discussion I am seriously 
interested (although more curious) to see what a year in debate would look 
like if you could dictate the topic.  Would there be a topic, an aff, a neg, 
4 deabters, tournaments, trophies, etc.?  I truly beleive (at least f! or 
me) that the community could learn a lot from how you answer this e-mail 
(seriously answer), so I encourage you actually respond in a meaningful way. 
  Anyway, this may be a totally stupid idea, but I thought it may answer 
some of my questions about the critical/non-traditional (whatever it's 
called these days) perspective on debate.  I tried getting these answers 
during CX when I debated but usually just watched as someone danced around a 
chair or accused me of being a (insert race/gender/whatever) ist.  Anyway, 
in all seriousness, please respond.

Russ Hubbard
UK (small squad-only had 2 debaters and 2 coaches my sr. year) debate.

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