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steff kimerer steffkimerer
Sun Apr 16 22:34:05 CDT 2006

Hello! As many of you may know the University of Vermont is looking for a head debate coach. There have been a few posts before this one, but it is getting close to that time when decisions will be made and I wanted to post one more time. I am currently a sophomore and varsity debater at UVM and I would like to urge anyone in the debate community who is looking for a new position or a change from what they are currently doing to apply to Vermont. The Vermont team is a very cool bunch of kids. We have a group of 3 ?varsity? teams, eager to travel to national tournaments and be nationally competitive, along with a bunch novice and JV teams with varying commitment levels, who look forward to traveling regionally and increasing their skills. Vermont is a very open minded team. We have some teams who enjoy being very critical and others who really enjoy a more ?straight up? approach to debate. The university itself is a very welcoming environment, and so is the city of
 Burlington. Burlington is a great college town but with a lot to offer to both the young and old. Having two more years of debate ahead of me I look forward to having UVM turn over a new leaf and having a sweet new coach, as do many of my fellow debaters here. If you would like to be a part of a very cool university and make a sweet impact on debate both in the northeast, nationally, with novices or varsity kids, you should apply to Vermont. If anyone has any questions about the position they should email some of us (my email is steffkimerer at yahoo.com) so we can answer them. Thanks for listening!
--Stephanie Kimerer
UVM class of 2008

*these are my views, and my opinions alone and do not necessarily express the views of the current UVM coaching staff or UVM debate as a whole.*

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