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Also, is there ANY chance you could post the following to the edebate lists?
I'd appreciate it.


 THE BRONX HIGH SCHOOL OF SCIENCE is seeking an associate coach for policy
debate to head one of the most historically prestigious debate teams in the
country. For the last four decades, the Bronx Science policy debate team has
won many national and state awards. Employment would begin in the 2006-2007

Our current policy coach, Todd Fine, is moving into an assistant coaching
capacity as he returns to school to complete a master's degree at Syracuse

This season has been one of major regrowth for the program and is reflective
of the incredible amount of potential in our younger students. We qualified
ten teams to our state tournament, closing out the junior varsity division,
had two teams in the novice semifinals, and claimed ten awards in total
across divisions. (We closed out the novice division and won the varsity
division the previous year.) Our novices won the Westchester Classic,
competed in outrounds at such tournaments as the Lexington Winter Classic,
and dominated our local circuit throughout the year. Our varsity team is
composed primarily of sophomores who have posted strong records for students
of their age throughout the year. With the guidance of a talented coach who
can build on the strong foundations built by Mr. Fine this year, we are
confident that our predictions of a strong upcoming season will be

The associate coach of policy debate will serve as the head of the policy
squad. The coach must be a mature person with strong leadership and
organizational skills. The policy team size generally ranges from
twenty-five to forty students. The coach must also be able to work in a
large cooperative environment that includes other coaches, teachers,
students, parents, and the administration of Bronx Science.

The generous support of the administration and the financial backing
provided by a large and active alumni association allow us to compete
throughout the year on both a local and national level.

We expect the associate coach of policy debate to work after school two
times a week and attend up to three tournaments per month, always acting in
the role as both coach and supervisor. All tournaments are one to three days
long and most are held on weekends. Since the Bronx Science forensics
program is competitive on a state and national level, many tournaments
require traveling throughout New York, while some require traveling out of

Monthly salary is competitive with almost all other debate programs
throughout the country.

Please email a cover letter and resume to or e-mail to Jon Cruz, director of
debate, at jon at victorybriefs.com. We look forward to meeting with you.

Jon Cruz
Director of Debate
The Bronx High School of Science

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