[eDebate] Cost cutting consortia

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Tue Apr 18 18:45:08 CDT 2006

I think this idea has merit, and people who find themselves in a bad place, 
or D III especially since programs here are so close anyway should explore 
the idea of forming groups that can save costs in a variety of areas.

1) Hotels - negotiate block rates at non tournament hotels
2) Transportation - Take Dallas' idea, coordinate travel, use bigger coach 
type transportation or again group rates with shuttle services, maybe 
purchase part of a large van to move evidence, etc. (rental of course).
3) Food.. yeah food... negotiate group rates on pizza, etc... make big 
orders and someone can get it to feed everyone.

There are multiple permutations, sure the details arent worked out, but you 
know, for creative folks, we can certainly make positive inputs to ideas.  
People would have to commit, but planning saves money as well.  It's 
inevitable when you are penny pinching.

ALSO.. I floated this idea for the NDT a couple of years ago, consortia 
members could also contract out researchers (well you know, maybe 
undergrads) at other debate institutions, students no longer debating, 
etc... or maybe hire REALLY GOOD card cutters and "designate" them as 
workers to cut ev 24/7.  Schools could distribute the costs evenly, coaches 
could sleep more, etc.

If schools gave up a "designee" and everyone contributed money to the pool, 
everyone gets the evidence.  Focus on bigger schools and even the playing 
field.  Maybe they could negotiate group rates on hired judging, etc... I 
dunno.. just taking the idea into new spaces...

If it keeps you competitive and lowers costs, what are the harms?  The 
alternative it seems is to rot on the vine.  Omar's right... do something.

Just an idea or two...


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