[eDebate] Program Retention/Creation meeting at CEDA Summer Meeting?

debate at ou.edu debate
Tue Apr 18 22:14:58 CDT 2006

I am sure there is such a thing, but I was wanting to maker sure.

I know this is hard for some to swallow, but I created a program from scratch. It started with a proposal, now it 
has resulted in endowments, scholarships, and over 20 debaters.  (in 3 years)  I did this at the University I 
wanted to debate for when I graduated from high school, but they did not have a team.

I refuse to open myself up on edebate to my strategies because I dont feel a lot of love or respect from those 
who respond out there.  I will be willing to talk about these at the CEDA Summer meeting if we have a time and 
place for this discussion.



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