[eDebate] CEDA Retention/Expansion- a couple of ideas

Robb Stepp rdwsteppiv
Tue Apr 18 22:54:11 CDT 2006

 I am kind-of reposting here because I didn't get much response from a couple of previous messages.
  I appreciate everyone's schedule; I certainly wasn't looking for persons to do work for me.  I had thought that particularly the faculty involved in debate would have considered these issues somewhere along the way.  I was hoping that someone might know perhaps something...
         But, either, these notions are ridiculous ideas, so much so that no one wants to even bother to tell a beginning debater that they are out there even beyond left field and into the bullpen (with perhaps a learning disability), or, no one knows anything about such ideas. 
       If it's the first case 1) then, perhaps I understand that no one wanted to respond, feeling a bit embarrassed for me, or disdain for such ignorance. Still, this seems a little unsympathetic to a novice. 
       If it's the second case 2) then, why would so few be interested enough to write and tell me what they knew of the matters or to encourage exploring the possibilities of these ideas.  
       I'm left with the suspicion that the answer is case 1 of course.  However, I don't know. So, I'm providing the links to my two prior, related posts in hopes that some out there will provide some feedback.  Sorry to those who think it is a bother; it seems time+place to me. Thank you to those who take the trouble!!
1) http://www.ndtceda.com/archives/200604/0407.html
  2) http://www.ndtceda.com/archives/200604/0412.html
  Thank you,

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