[eDebate] Do you like sports? Do you want the terrorists to win?

Brian M. Smith Brian.M.Smith
Wed Apr 19 22:59:09 CDT 2006

This is a fwded email from your favorite former UGA debater Chris McIntosh.  You know him, you love him, and he writes about sports.  Lest the terrorists win, you should definitely check out his sites (www.newfoolintown.com and www.athensexchange.com/sports.asp).  Not only are there great cards, but his bio on the Athens Exchange is a good read in and of itself.  Unlike freedom, Chris's writing is free.


Hi all--

After much deliberation and foot dragging, I've finally jumped into the (non-academic) writing world.  For the last three-four months, I've been working on a side project I'm hoping to get y'all's help with.  I've started writing a weekly column for a relatively new website called Athens Exchange.  It's primarily about sports, but I try and deal with issues that translate well across demographics (e.g., this week's piece is about the Duke Lacrosse team rape trial) whether I do that successfully remains to be seen.  You can find it at www.athensexchange.com/sports.asp

I've also been writing regularly for my own website--it's updated daily with short pieces that don't warrant a full week's column but (in my opinion) bear mentioning.  You can find me at www.newfoolintown.com

Now that I have some actual content for people to look at I am in the process of getting the word out and trying to build up readership--thus the email. 

I've already had some success in getting picked up by other websites (if only to be made fun of by UT fans and praised by White Sox fans) and have had a lot of success with a column I wrote on Shani Davis--we have a tentative agreement with him for an interview once he gets back to Chicago so look for that in the coming weeks.   If you're looking to read other articles than this week, I'd say to check out "It isn't Shani Davis that's selfish", "Still No Respect for the White Sox," and "PSA: Texas will beat USC" (if only for the comments from irate UT fans who spent a long time telling me, I told you so."  

Again, I write the column weekly and it is published on WEDNESDAY (usually by the afternoon at the latest).  
You can find it at:   www.athensexchange.com/sports.asp

I write for the website roughly daily (~5 days a week) it's at www.newfoolintown.com

The favor:
1.  If you like the column, come back.  Check it out weekly.  Read.  Send friends (hell, send enemies) the link. 
If you don't like it, send enemies the link. 

We're trying to build support for advertising and already up to thousands of visitors a month with only word of mouth, so it may not seem like much, but each email/new visitor adds up quick. 

2. Any and all suggestions are welcome--layout on any site, article content, length, etc. I realize y'all have better things to do, but if you got thoughts, feel free to share them as we are still in the beginning stages.  


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