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The ultimate downside of the ?accountable scout/password? system is that  it 
re-creates one of the problems that it was meant to solve ? small programs  
that can?t afford to bring a scout can?t access the info. It is also somewhat  
unfair to programs that normally contribute scouts, but may not be able to in 
a  given year. 
Ultimately, I think two things need to happen: 
    1.  Scouts accountable to PROGRAM DIRECTORS.  Some scouts simply 
disappear after  round 1 or 2.  In some instances,  I?m pretty sure that they aren?t 
disappearing to cut cards ? they just stop  working for the scouting system.   
Program directors really need to keep them on task.
    1.  Collective support for the scouting  system:
These are just ideas?. 
a)      District scouting.  Each district would have to contribute X  number 
of scouts based on the number of teams qualified.  We could round down in 
every single  instance and still have more scouts than we have now.  District 
teams could figure out how to  share the costs or barter with other, closer 
districts.  ?Larger,? ?affluent? programs could  contribute more ? the same way 
they have to do now anyhow ? of the district?s  burden.   
b)      Enforce the Lupo rule for undergraduate card cutters  ? and specify a 
scouting contribution.  This may solve the problem in the entirety.   
c)      I like the ?scout badge? idea.  Some of the scouts are relatively  
inexperienced and could use some help from willing judges.  I believe that 
Steve Mancuso made these  for the Catholic NDT scouts. 
d)     Sharing the costs of the scouting system ? essentially charge a ?
scouting  fee? that shares at least the meals burden among everyone.  Of course, 
if the Lupo rule is enforced  and some school?s 300 researchers also scout, 
everyone probably shouldn?t have  to share in the costs of that, but some equal 
sharing of costs may  help. 
Some will object to any imposed scouting  requirement as some form of 
fasco-tyrannical-biololitical-information crack  addict bullshit, but I will offer 
one simple fact: 
In 2004 EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL competing at the NDT USED the scouting 
information AT LEAST  ONCE before and/or during the tournament ? I looked at the user 
I didn?t bother looking at the logs for 2005 and  2006, but I suspect I?d 
find something similar.  Given that everyone uses it, everyone  should make at 
least some contribution. 

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