[eDebate] Elephants in cheap hotels

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Wed Apr 19 23:46:54 CDT 2006

A couple comments on this thread:
1).  Internet.  It seems in high-demand at debate tournaments. It  often 
crashes hotel Internet networks.  I learned one important thing in  prepartion for 
NDT 07 -- our expected Internet usage will likely exceed that  Westin's 
traditional Internet usage/capacity by 3-4 times!  Absent their  willingness to 
run/turn on additional lines (which they also did for CEDA), the  network WOULD 
crash.    So, if you rent 40 rooms in a more  limited service hotel, put 4 
people in a room, and have 160 people sign on to  the Internet at 11pm you may not 
be too happy.
2) The Westin in particular.  As was the case with CEDA, the Westin  (which 
also owns the Sheraton) is not charging for ANY OF THE TOURNAMENT  COMPETITION 
SPACE.  Next year's NDT will be held in the convention area on  floors 2-3 of 
the Westin, as well as as junior/senior suites on floors  17-19.  The room 
rate -- $99 -- includes free use of this space for the  entire tournament as well 
as required meeting space on Thursday, a free  breakfast for tournament 
participants on one of the days, free copying for the  tab room, internet passwords 
for every registered tournament guest for the  entire length of the 
tournament, and some other small things that I don't recall  at the moment.  Elim day 
discussions aside, these room rates are incredible  given that we are hosting 
the entire tournaments on site.  
Obviously it is good to consider ways to cut costs, but people should keep  
two things in mind before jumping to conclusions based on simple  
a) We often have elephant-size resource demands that you have to be  sure 
that "small service" hotels can accomodate
b) In the case of CEDA and the NDT, you do need to account for the fact  that 
the rate includes use of critical space.   
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