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Thu Apr 20 17:44:58 CDT 2006

Gary Rybold asked me to post this:


In January I directed a tournament in China for IDEA. Since then, many
people have approached me with an interest for the next tournament in
the PRC.


Several Chinese universities are interested in hosting and attending,
but timing is always a problem.  January was bad for the Chinese because
it was right before exams.  Teams attending worlds could not make it


So I am sending this email out as a way to see if there is support for a
summer tournament.  What I am thinking is a series involving two
tournaments - one in Beijing, the other in Xi'an.  These tournaments
would take place 14 months from now - June, 2007.


How would this work?  


Teams would start to arrive in Beijing around May 30.  The first
tournament would happen June 1-3.


Participants would then have 2-3 days to tour Beijing.


June 6/7 travel to Xi'an - tour the city + terra cotta warriors


June 8-10 (or 9-11) the second tournament would take place in Xi'an.


June 12 travel back to Beijing (or add a few days in Shanghai into the
itinerary for a small cost - $150?)


How much would this cost?


I can only guess at this point about the costs.  Some of them would be
controllable (hotels, meals) other costs would not (jet fuel
skyrocketing).  Typically, we could expect this:


Airfare - $1,100 (International: LA/SFO or NY to Beijing RT - Domestic:
Beijing-Xi'an RT) - If enough people are going out of the same airport
at the same time group rates are available.


Tour package - $600 per person (competitor, judge, or observer) - This
would include tournament registration, lodging (12 nights), most meals
(we usually provide only a few dinners since most people go out to eat
at a variety of restaurants), ground transportation for tournaments,
airport transfers, tour of sites (including admission, guide, bus -
great wall, Tiananmen Sq, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Terra cotta
warriors, Xi'an city tour).  


There are other costs:  passport, visa, insurances, meals on your own,
extended stays, some airport taxes, and shopping.


In January, 2006 SOC took 11 students.  We had to fundraise the whole
thing (since it wasn't budgeted at the beginning of the year).  I hope
enough of you will have interest so we can plan, budget and raise money
as needed.


Please back channel me at grybold at ivc.edu if you have any questions or


Gary Rybold

Director of Forensics

South Orange County







Dr. Jon Bruschke, CSU Fullerton

jbruschke at fullerton.edu



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