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I just wanted to take a minute to recognize a few graduating seniors. These people have truly made a positive difference in my debate experiences over the last 4-5 years. However, I use ?senior? as an elastic term (some will have to finish up next year).      
James Davis-UCO
  I judged James a lot in the early years, slugging it out in JV with Malcolm Gordon & Andy Culp. Ohh the CTBT debates
Since then James has experimented with multiple forms of debates, including a multi-media performance involving country music (a gem). Despite his ?critical turn,? James never lost his love for a good impact turn
and sometimes you just have to wipeout a fool.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for James. He and Lindsey, regardless of how the round turned out for them, always showed me the utmost respect. Thank you.
Lindsey Shook-UCO
  And then there was Lindsey
One thing I admire is a debate taking hold of an issue/argument for their career. Although not every single round, Lindsey consistently addressed issues of gender. Her passionate conviction persuaded me more than one round. But the best thing I will remember is always being able to see her with a smile, even when James dropped a disad! I hope we get our lab at the JEDI
oh yeah, Abuse! Abuse! Abuse! 
Andrew Culp-UMKC
  Most of you aren?t aware of Andy?s extensive activist involvement. Protest is his middle name. He took it to the streets and debate. Whether advocating we join the Bombstoppers movement or boycott sweatshops, Andy infused his personal politics into debate. I just wish he didn?t bring music and dancing as well! Andy loves to play sing along before rounds and van rides. Then there?s the dancing at CEDA Nats parties
WOW! Now that?s entertainment. I am so glad (and thankful) that you decided to return and debate with Malgor this year. I hate that you had to drop out of your last tournament. But I hope you enjoyed your return
take care.
Michael Klinger-HARVARD
    In a word, ?excellence.? I remember Doug Dennis telling me about how Klinger was going to win the NDT & CEDA and dominate the activity. That was when Klinger was a junior in high school. "This guy is no joke. He?s one of a very few debaters that I never dropped (Jas Brar, Kirk Evans and Jarius Grove are the others).  For me, Michael Klinger sets the standard. After graduating from Harvard, I?m sure he?ll have many opportunities. I hear he?s interning for the Illuminati this summer.
  Max has always had an uneasy time in debate. ?Do I want to do this anymore??  I?m very glad the final answer to that question was ?yes?.  I?ve fought with Max after rounds, and had many laughs as well. There are two kinds of Maxs:  The easy going version, and the Max that appears when you drop him to Oklahoma on Extra-T. Through it all, I?d have to say Max is a fantastic individual. I have thoroughly enjoyed his company and debates and am proud to call him friend (since so few others would agree!).
Matt Cormack-KANSAS
  What strikes me most about Matt is his absolute commitment to debate. Between working with high school teams and his tireless efforts as a Jayhawk debater, Matt displays both leadership and excellence. There are more than one Kansas high school debater with ?I Wanna Be Matt Cormack Syndrome? (we?re working on a cure). I think Matt is about 30-3 in front of me. It?s been a pleasure.
Jennifer Schraeder-WAYNE STATE
  One thing I love about Jen is her drive to impact turn
?you say growth bad, I say growth good.? True to the Wayne State tradition. I first met Jen at the Kansas summer camp and have been friends ever since. Although subtle, Jen is a hater! In fact she?s one of my favorite. All in good fun of course. Some day I?ll have to test the claim that you can cook. I?ve always had a good feeling about Jen as a person and glad to call her friend. See you this summer.
  Does anyone remember Izak as a frosh?  Strange lil? dude. He?d spout off about Spanos or Deleuze
not making a damn bit of sense!  Of course, some might say the same is still true. Izak has never been afraid to be weird in debate. This might make it seem like he isn?t too serious or focused on debate, but how untrue. Sure, Izak likes to get his party on, but his performance this year ?testifies? to his dedication. Congrats on all your success. Apple or zucchini
it?s all good.
  Thanks to Brian (and partner Brett Wallace) for my favorite round of the year. I judged the infamous ANWR round at CEDA. The Aff was ?USFG should ban ANWR drilling?
the CP was to drill.  Old skool CEDA throw down. It was awesome! Thanks to Wyoming JS Will Jensen and Josh Schmirge for participating in this as well. I definitely wish I would have been judging GW a lot more, earlier.
 Now here?s a real ?hater?!  Farmer asked one of my favorite CX questions ever (next to ?What is a ?woman???). In out rounds at the Heart against Kearney and Moore from Misery State, Farmer said: ?You have 30 seconds to explain why you?re not a Nazi.? Ask Matt about being an ?underdog? at the NDT
he has a funny story. Farmer used to run the impact turn game. Then came Gabe, who convinced him to be a K cheater
worked out pretty well! Congrats & take care underdog.

Dustin Rimmey-EMPORIA
  This is one of the best people I know. Dustin is an incredible person. While prone to use ?My Bad? as a universal excuse/apology, Dustin is dependable when it comes to important things, like being there for a friend.  As a debater, Dustin never achieved the success he deserved. I say ?deserved? not because he was a card machine, but because he was the ultimate team player. He put the welfare and success of the squad before his own
almost 12 different partners and tireless support! Thanks you so much for you help on the squad. You definitely made my job easier at times (no, I don?t think you are ?f@#*ing retarded? lol).  To give a little insight into the world of Dustin, I offer the three Affs he wrote during his career (that I remember at least): World of Warcraft, etc. (slave labor in China for online tradeable items, etc., did not break), Oppose the Illuminati (not ironic), Ban Fossil Fuels to Dedev. And beware: he will have many ballots next year. He can be persuaded
 by promises of free alcohol and/or singing Journey tunes. ?Don?t stop, believin?


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Emporia State University
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