[eDebate] Come help out baltimore middle school debaters april 29th

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Apr 21 13:26:10 CDT 2006

Im asking again just to catch those people who might have missed the last

Hello Folks,

The Baltimore Urban Debate League Middle School Program will be hosting our
first annual City wide Middle School Championship tournament on April 29th
2006, at Towson University. The championship tournament will celebrate a
year worth of middle school debate with a 3 round tournament followed by 3
elimination rounds. We will have three judge panels for every debate, we are

searching for college debaters and coaches, who are thorough fair and
qualified debate critics to ensure our students the best judging possible.
So if you have some budget money left and want to come to Baltimore and
judge some of the best middle school debaters out there please get in touch
with me...we would love to make connections between our teams and students
and yours....
Andy Ellis
Coordinator Baltimore Urban Debate League-Middle School Program
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