[eDebate] Addtional PRogram Development Thought"

V I Keenan vikeenan
Fri Apr 21 14:57:56 CDT 2006

Ede beats me to the punch with the thought at the back of my head in
this discussion . . . Alumni donation and matching funds.

as a side note, alumni involvement is one of the things that makes the
big 2 sports cash cows.  Season tickets to home games to tailgate and
relive the ole'school spirit thing (well, that's what I hear - I did
go to NYU afterall, yeah Fighting Violets!)  If schools can be
convinced that debate alums are more likely to:

1) feel connected to the school and contribute on an ongoing basis and
2) advance professionally in a more profitable way that allows larger

then I think  we'd have a resource argument.  (and it's a feasible one
with whole let's go to law school stereotype we can play off of as a
community.  Actually, Jake Weigler and I may be the only original NYU
debate grads to not go to law school.  Ricky and Nate are the only 2
recent ones, except the one senior this year . . . who's going to med

of course, if your alumni can't attend the NDT that may be problematic
for continuin  their involvement, especially if that's how they feel
connected. . . so I think I'm figuring out how I stand on that rule. 
martin harris, as usual, is right.

more detailed thoughts later when I'm not generating on campus debate
initiatives which i want to share as part of this ongoing discussion. 
It's been a long week of giving out scholarship money to promote
on-campus debate (I do have a cool job)


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