[eDebate] Program Development/Come to the summer meeting

Darren Elliott delliott
Fri Apr 21 21:36:40 CDT 2006

As the Chair of the Committee on Program Recruitment and Retention I can tell you I love the discussions happening on edebate.  Getting folks to commit to this committee has been like pulling teeth.  Last summer some good work was started.  These discussions as of late are very healthy.  I encourage any of you that can, to attend the CEDA summer meetings in KC, immediately following the topic committee meetings.  The CEDA summer meetings will be June 2nd-4th on the KCKCC campus.  The Topic Committee meets May 31st-June 2nd.

There are 3 hotels currently contracted to meet the needs of participants this summer.  I am working to get the rates lowered at one of them.  The recent discussions about cost on this list have made me especially sensitive to those needs.  I will post final rates, addresses and phone numbers next Tuesday.  In the meantime, please consider joining us and making this the most productive meeting yet.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
CEDA 2nd VP Elect

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