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Brian M. Smith Brian.M.Smith
Sun Apr 23 18:37:25 CDT 2006

Since edebate is in a bit of a lull, I figured I'd point out something that struck me about the announcement of the DCA Top 10 the other day.  31 different people got votes for Top 5 Debater.  Thats a huge number and I think a meaningful one in that someone thought each one of the people listed below was in the top 5 of all debaters.  It suggests some kind of parity, at least in debater's perception, and I also thought we should be celebrating all of these people, not just the ones in the Top 10.  So, here's the list I got from Aaron, and congrats

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feel free to post this- should be 21 in addition to the ten already posted.


brooks, hunter
buntin, jeff
carroll, jamie
chaudoin, stephen
clark, britt
clark, kathryn
cormack, matt
dunn, izak
faltesek, dan
farmer, matt
gordon, malcolm
kearney, mike
levkovitz, roy
lin, nick
linder, brian
lundeen, geoff
marks, david
munksgaard, jane
murillio, gabe
osborn, martin
schy, reuben

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