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Mon Apr 24 09:22:04 CDT 2006


Here are the people on the topic committee I think.  Sometimes my posts seem more like call-outs than 
discussion starters.  Hopefully, this is an informative discussion starter.
It might seem like a Supreme Court call for party affiliation, but it is not!

 E. Lee 
 D. Elliot 
 T. Odonnel 
 M. Gordon

Inevitably ? The topic committee will meet at the end of May, beginning of June.

We will have a topic area.  These people will have to create a topic.

Now my question is how will these people be approaching the topic formulation process.

Last year I was told there would be a broad topic on the ballot.  Then after the support for a possible broad 
topic, one of the members dimissed the topic as a bad idea. 

So my question is how do you approach topic construction.

I know most of you have no reason to respond, and would rather just show up and create a topic without 
people understanding the methods in which you see the process should go down.

Example #1 --  I assume the topic will say ?USFG should?.   Now,  will what the "USFG should" do -  be binding 
to allow ?negative ground? or will what the ?USFG should? do be open in relation to the topic area.

Example #2 ? Is negative ground better or more important than affirmative flexibility?  Will the affirmative be 
restricted to specific ?bad? actions so the negative can have an argument? (yes bad is subjective ? that is why 
any restrictor is biased)

Example #3 ? Can we identify all of the solvency advocates/options within a topic area in the six weeks or four 
days of the topic committee meeting?  Does the wording invite us to explore, or restrict us with definitional 

I really have no clue on how some of the people on the committee approach these issues.  I have never even 
met some of these people.

I am not really up for debate on how you see it, I just want to know how you see it, so when the topic committee 
meeting happens, there will be more familiarity with the process you will be utilizing. (backchannel me if you 

I promise I will not respond to indict your method, but would find it very helpful to have an idea of what lens you 
see topic construction through.



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