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Tue Apr 25 11:23:16 CDT 2006

We have survived the tornados and come out stronger.  We would like to congratulate a new member of the professional academy, Dr. Rae Lynn Schwartz.  Rae just defended her dissertation and on a 5-0, she is now Dr. Schwartz.  She will begin her new job as a tenure track assistant professor at the University of Western Washington in the fall.  Rae's assistance to the rest of Hawkeyes via her coaching, academic fellowship, and general friendship will be sorely missed.

In addition, we would like to wish a fond farewell to Todd Lantz, senior debater and 4-time NDT qualifier.  Todd is finishing his honors thesis, will graduate with a 4.1 GPA (Iowa has A+'s), and will be attending Harvard law school in the fall.  His friendship, hard work, dedication, and general "dreaminess" will be sorely missed as well.

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of these fine Hawkeyes, the University of Iowa proudly announces the arrival of our new graduate student, Jane Munksgaard.  After a stellar career at the University of Pittsburgh and most recently at the University of West Georgia, Jane will join a debate staff ready to receive her assistance and hope she can partially fill the void left by the departure of Rae and Todd.

See you all in the fall,
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