[eDebate] ISU seeking a debate grad assistant [re-post]

Zompetti at aol.com Zompetti
Tue Apr 25 14:09:03 CDT 2006

If you're still  looking for a place to go after you graduate.... 
E-MAIL ME  IMMEDIATELY....we're under some time pressure, but we still have 
one debate  graduate assistantship available. 
Quick  Specifications: 
1.  Get a  master's degree in one of the best terminal master's programs in 
the  country. 
2.  Get teaching  experience 
3.  Help coach a  growing CEDA/NDT program -- we should have 1 or 2 JV teams, 
at least 1 varsity  team and maybe a couple of novice teams 
4.  Get a tuition  waiver and a competitive, monthly stipend 
5.  Live in  beautiful Bloomington/Normal -- really affordable standard of 
living and has  everything you need (or if it doesn't, we're pretty close to 
Chicago, Peoria and  Champaign). 
Let me know if you're  interested....I'll give you additional details. 
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