[eDebate] CEDA Summer Meeting, Call for Programs, Business and Agenda Items

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Wed Apr 26 11:10:24 CDT 2006

CEDA Summer Meeting, Call for Programs, Business and Agenda Items


Please contact me with your ideas for the summer meeting, and your
willingness to present papers, ideas, workshops or programs.  It is my
goal to make the meeting a productive and meaningful opportunity to
dialogue and produce useful materials for our community.


I hope we will have the Standing Committees in place and they will have
the opportunity to meet and pursue their work in Kansas City.  To that
end, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS for the existing committees.  While some names
are listed at the CEDA website in conjunction with these committees, I
do not know if they are current, so please reply to confirm or offer
your service to any of the committees.  The topic committee will meet
from Wednesday, 5/31 until Friday, 6/2.  The rest of the committees


The Awards Committee (this is chaired by the 1VP and consists of the EC

Competitive Practices Committee

Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment Committee

National Tournament Evaluation Committee

Nominating Committee

Professional Development Committee

Professional Ethics Committee

Program Development and Retention Committee

Public Relations Committee

Research Committee (Chaired by the 2VP)

Student Leadership Committee


In my report at Nats, I suggested some possible agenda items to generate
brainstorming (listed below.)  I am committed to including some version
of 1-6 below.  Please offer me your feedback, proposals, and willingness
to participate.  The agenda is still wide open.  I would like to set the
agenda and schedule by May 5 (next Friday).


1.  Assessment.  Establishment of a project team to create a document
providing guidance for debate program assessment, including
identification of mission, objectives, and measurement.  Such a document
would not be intended to impose or elevate specific expections, but to
guide administrators and directors in development, promotion and
assessment of debate programs.  The goal would be self-reflection and
improvement, and support for individual program promotion.  I would like
to bring in an outside expert on accreditation and assessment to talk to
us about the assessment process and how it can be approached as a
positive experience and how we can best identify what we do well.  The
end goal may be a document of guiding principle for both process and
objective, as well as a program of external consultation by a CEDA
certified visiting team or individual expert.

2.  Diversity.  Establishment of a project team to revisit CEDA's
documents and organizational commitment to diversity.  What does
diversity mean and how should it be considered?  Should CEDA take action
steps as an organization to promote diversity of participation?  The
team may establish a new diversity statement and action plan for the
organization, and/or consider non-prescriptive models for individual
programs.  I would like to inviter a University Diversity Officer to
speak to us about the efficacy of various approaches to diversity.  An
important goal of this effort will likely be self-reflection.

3.  Who is CEDA?  The goal of this project might be to revisit the
Mission statement of CEDA?  Should it be revised?  Does it reflect who
we are and what we do?  What steps can we take as an organization to
bring our organizational behavior in line with our stated mission?  How
does this impact our niche in the marketplace of academic debate and
forensics organizations and beyond?  What is our "Brand" and how can we
do a better job of promoting it?

4.  Public Relations.  CEDA needs a brochure, a logo, a press kit.  The
PR committee can use the opportunity of the summer meeting to prepare
such materials.

5.  New Program Workshop.  This would be a workshop for individuals
interested and in a position to work to establish or build new debate
programs.  Hands on interaction with successful directors and bridge
building/mentoring with them can provide professional development and
enhance opportunities to create growth in the activity.

5.  Building regional debate opportunities.

6.  Building novice debate opportunities

7.  Judging workshop: judging new debate.  New styles of debate have
shifted and abandoned familiar paradigms.  This program would be a
workshop led by respected judges on how to evaluate cutting edge
debates, including performance-based debates, critical debates, and
policy debates.  It would provide an opportunity to share ideas and
build judging skills.

8.  Workshop on directing tournaments

9.   Workshop on teaching research in an age of technology and

10. Workshop on public debate programs.

11. Workshop on making the debate program a vehicle for advocacy and
community involvement, perhaps with assessment tie-ins to service

12.  Whats going on in the world of UDLs?  Report and/or workshop on
UDLs and how we can be involved or how they impact us.

14.  Academic panels.  The meeting may be an excellent opportunity for
CEDA members to present papers they are working on or to share their
scholarly work with each other.  This can promote professional
development, and for some, justify their institution's coverage of
travel expenses. 




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