Monica Julian monicajulian
Wed Apr 26 15:38:10 CDT 2006

Hey Debate Community:
  I'm sure you all know about the war in Uganda that has been going on longer than some of us have been alive. You probably also know that tens of thousands of children commute every night to avoid being kidnapped, killed, or forced to become child soldiers. You probably know that the devastation there will continue for years to come unless we do something about it.
  Here's your chance. 
  This Saturday, April 29 is the Global Night Commute. In cities all over the world, people will be leaving their homes and commuting en masse to a designated place in their city to raise awareness, show support, and demand government action on behalf of Ugandan children and others worldwide who are trying to escape a similarly brutal fate. This event has been organized by the filmmakers of Invisible Children, the documentary that is bringing the reality of this crisis to the forefront of American consciousness. Please watch this important documentary.
  If you do nothing else, check out www.invisiblechildren.com. I'm confident you will find yourself commiting to participate in the Global Night Commute in your area. 
  The filmmakers made it to Oprah and will be on today so check that out, too. 
  Please, do something!
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