[eDebate] A call to lower entry fees

matt stannard stannardmatt
Thu Apr 27 14:03:22 CDT 2006

I am asking each and every tournament host to lower their entry fees this 
coming season.

You can begin small and painlessly if you like: Lower them by $10 per 
competitor, or $20 per team.

If every policy tournament we attended lowered their entry fees by $20 per 
team this year, we would save $900 based on last year's attendance figures.  
Since we will have more teams next year, I imagine it would be closer to 
$1000, which is a substantial percentage of our budget.

Fuel prices, hotel prices, food prices, are all going up and we can't 
control that.  We CAN make it easier for a majority of programs to keep 
coming to our tournaments.

Host a free tournament if you can.  Move to cheaper hotels if you can.  But 
lower your entry fees $10 or $20...that's something practically everyone can 



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