[eDebate] Wyoming Debate Cooperative: First call for registrations

matt stannard stannardmatt
Sun Apr 30 14:26:21 CDT 2006

The Wyoming Debate Cooperative, a cooperative debate work experience for 
NDT/CEDA, parliamentary, and NFA LD debaters and coaches, will take place 
August 1-14, 2006 in Laramie.  Cost is $250 for housing and lab fees.  
Although it is highly recommended that everyone come for the entire 
cooperative, parliamentary and/or NFA LD debaters may come for the first 
week only ($125), August 1-7.  In limited circumstances, evaluated on a 
case-by-case basis, parliamentary and/or NFA LD debaters may come for the 
second week only, August 8-14 (also $125).  If you're doing NDT/CEDA, the 
default expectation is that you'll be here for the duration.

If you need transportation from and to the Denver Airport (DIA), we'll get 
you here and there for $20 a person.

We would like to begin compiling our list of students and coaches attending. 
  So if you plan to attend, please email me at stannard at uwyo.edu with the 
following information:

--Your name
--Your phone number
--Your email address
--Your school
--Type(s) of debate you'll be participating in at the cooperative
--Years of debate experience ("this year I will begin my ___ year of 

You may also use that email address to ask me any specific questions about 
the cooperative.

We will periodically post lists of students and coaches attending, and there 
will be other reminders to sign up between now and July.  We will also have 
periodic online chat sessions for participants in the cooperative between 
now and August, which we'll announce well in advance.

Matt Stannard
Wyoming Speech and Debate Union

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