[eDebate] Gonzaga Tournament -

Frappier, Glen frappier
Sun Apr 30 15:30:07 CDT 2006

For those of you considering attending The Jesuit next September, the invite will be posted on our website in the next week or so.  You can access it at www.gonzagadebate.com
This email is for my planning purposes as I prepare to sign hotel contracts, budget for the tournament, etc.  
My suscpicion is that the usual cast of characters will attend, but i'd like to get a more accurate idea of how many rooms to get in our block. Last year our block was too small and some of you got shut out of the tournament hotel. I'd like to avoid that this year. 
So, if you plan on bringing teams please let me know you're attending and a) an idea of how many hotel rooms you will need and b) how many teams you might bring. I realize all of this will be speculative right now, but even a guess will help my planning. 
As usual we expect to host a competitive and hospitable tournament. We hope you'll consider joining us.

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