[eDebate] New rules for the NDT

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Sun Apr 2 10:32:50 CDT 2006

we should wait until after CEDA to get to into this (why clog email boxes right now?).  We have until november to decide on some alternatives.
Besides, you can always come and visit the NDT--there is no problem with that.  The proposals are talking about people who are affiliated with a squad and are helping that squad to compete at the tournament.  Sure, those lines are blurry.  Your psychic impact on a team might be enough to compel some scouting on your part, but a non-affiliated person seems fine. :)
glad to talk some more on this in about one week,

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	   I am hoping that the delay in posting the text of the new revised NDT rules is a function of being busy with CEDA Nationals.  If not, I would like to second the request for the full text of the rules.  I will try to avoid the vitriol of some of the recent posts, but I am trying to figure out if the NDT committee seriously just passed a rule that says if I choose to visit the national tournament, something that is from time to time easy to do for me since it often falls during spring break, that I am obligated to the tournament for either 4 rounds of judging or scouting.  In most worlds I would probably volunteer to do scouting because I think it is something generally of value, but if I spend my own money so that I might spend one more weekend to be with my wife who is gone from 30 percent of my life I OWE the tournament those 4 rounds?  Someone please tell me this really isn't the new rule.
	Martin Harris  

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