Harris, Scott L sharris
Fri Apr 7 00:14:12 CDT 2006

Joe I believe you are incorrect.  While the intent of the rule may be to limit the number of researchers, the rule as written explicitly authorizes the use of researchers and argument writers.  The rule states: At tournament registration, schools must identify, by name, the 
individuals who will be designated as their NDT Workers. An "NDT 
Worker" is defined as a person who is not a competitor in the tournament 
and who researches and/or writes any arguments during the tournament, 
including evenings. 

b. Undergraduates. A school may designate any number of 
undergraduate NDT Workers ...

This wording explicitly authorizes schools to designate non competitors as researchers and argument writers.  This wording codifies a violation of the code of ethics.  I think it is a clear starter and think the rule as written is illegal.

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