Matt Cormack mattedebate
Fri Apr 7 10:06:49 CDT 2006

This seems like a serious backtrack-

mancuso says:
>The rule does not prevent anyone from
> coaching at the NDT, as generally 
> thought of.  It regulates research and the writing
> of arguments.  A school could 
> still bring 10 coaches who scout, brainstorm, think
> of arguments, and pass 
> those arguments along verbally to debaters.  

rule says:
An "NDT  Worker" is defined as a person who is not a
competitor in the tournament  and who researches
and/or writes any arguments during the tournament, 
including evenings. 

i say:
1- so by "brainstorm" you mean sit around and drink
beer while thinking of super cool arguments?  Although
a winning strategy for Idaho State, I doubt it can be
effectively modeled.  How does one brainstorm a case
neg without doing any research?  The coach literally
cannot read an article about the affirmative but they
can develop a strategy?  It seems like we would have
the greatest PICS good and PICS bad blocks ever

2- "writes?" it seems you are interpreating this word
literally, the coach can tell the debater things, but
not write it down.  This should seem absurd to anyone,
especially as a justification for the rule. It also
brings up the obvious question- what is writing?  If
it means only putting a pen to paper i reccomend
buying stock

> [As a sidenote, the NCAA explicitly regulates the
> number of coaches that a 
> school can have in every sport, from fencing to
> football, all year long.   The 
> way we organize debate is a distinct anomaly.]

Do they say you must bring 5 coaches (judging
requirement) and only two can coach?  There is also
nothing in NCAA athletics that parallels research in
college debate.  Do they mandate what the coaches can
do? Do the rules say only two coaches can watch other
teams play bball? (you will say coaches can scout at
the NDT, but without research on the aff or neg arg
the scouting seems less helpful and more suited for

mancuso says:
> Overall -- we need to keep some perspective on this
> rule.  
> It does not 
> It does not 
> It does not 

So it is useless?  It doesn't solve any of the harms
but has lots of problems, that is a defence?  I think
there are plenty of reasons already stated about why
it DOES make the problem worse and it DOES potentialy
hurt MIDDLE schools.  

*****New Disad*****
The Scouts DA
a) scouts on brink- only sustained by hard working
undergrads- mostly from pretty big schools (someone
said MSU contributed a large number of scouts and
judging by the amount I saw I am sure they are
Heidt 2k6
    We need more scouts. Last year, we asked more
judges to cover debates when we were short on people.
This year, we had scouts double up and simply stopped
scouting below the break. We only asked judges for
help if the teams were above the break and we had the
maximum number of scouts already doing two debates. My
feeling was that judging at the NDT is such a big job
that it was better to miss some reports than to impose
on the judges. But, if I were below the break, I would
want a scouting report anyhow. More scouts would solve
this problem. 

b) these undergrads will be forced to cut cards and
not scout under the new rule
Mancuso 2k6
   The rule was redesigned over the past year to
prioritize undergraduate  research over
non-undergraduate research deliberately in response to
the feedback  members of the committee received from
most of you that a "worker rule" should  not unduly
limit the educational experience of the NDT for
undergraduates, and  also that it should not
discourage the team-mate-style bonding of 

c) turns all the inequality arguments- scouting helps
everyone, i think this is self evident

One last thing what is the punishment??? 

"d. The Chair of the NDT committee will publicize
violations of this rule. "

So will next years announcement go like this-
"Before we announce this round we would like to let
everyone know that Lupo was spotted writing down
answers to Aspec last round and we are pretty sure
that Shalmon was reading the NYT's and it wasn't for

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