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The Scouts DA would link to the Mancuso proposal alone - so much so that it rule would have been one of the most effective indirect ways to kill scouting that a person could have thought up. 
Fortunately, the Lupo rule also passed, meaning that any undergrad has to provide 4 scouting rounds if they aren't competing. 
The net effect of the two rules would be to mitigate the effects of the Mancuso rule on scouting and maybe even turn the DA. 
Which, of course, is just another reason why the Lupo rule ALONE would be a better policy. At least, it deserves to be tried before we jump in with something as disruptive and controversial as the Mancuso rule.
Unfortunately, the committee decided to vote on the Mancuso role 1st, leaving questions about whether the Lupo rule was even on the table if the Mancuso rule had failed. 
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*****New Disad*****
The Scouts DA
a) scouts on brink- only sustained by hard working
undergrads- mostly from pretty big schools (someone
said MSU contributed a large number of scouts and
judging by the amount I saw I am sure they are
Heidt 2k6
    We need more scouts. Last year, we asked more
judges to cover debates when we were short on people.
This year, we had scouts double up and simply stopped
scouting below the break. We only asked judges for
help if the teams were above the break and we had the
maximum number of scouts already doing two debates. My
feeling was that judging at the NDT is such a big job
that it was better to miss some reports than to impose
on the judges. But, if I were below the break, I would
want a scouting report anyhow. More scouts would solve
this problem.

b) these undergrads will be forced to cut cards and
not scout under the new rule
Mancuso 2k6
   The rule was redesigned over the past year to
prioritize undergraduate  research over
non-undergraduate research deliberately in response to
the feedback  members of the committee received from
most of you that a "worker rule" should  not unduly
limit the educational experience of the NDT for
undergraduates, and  also that it should not
discourage the team-mate-style bonding of

c) turns all the inequality arguments- scouting helps
everyone, i think this is self evident

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