Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Fri Apr 7 12:55:01 CDT 2006

Rock on..

While Scott may say his motives are to get the rule bumped, I think a rule 
that makes designation of non competitive undergraduates as workers a 
reality IS in violation of the AFA code of ethics.  I agree with Scott that 
the rule is outside of the purview of the NDT Charter.

Scott is correct.  There is nothing in the NDT Charter that says the 
Executive Committee can just ignore its own rules.

If you want to ban all researchers at the NDT besides competitors, that is 
legal by my reading.  If you want to designate non-competitors, then you are 
in violation of the AFA Code.  I don't think it matters what "community 
standards" are - if we are all in violation of the AFA Code of Ethics, then 
that is for each individual team to decide or we need to start enforcing our 
own ethics guidelines.

THE CLEAR designation of non-competitors to do work is not in a grey area, 
it is a rule that specifies that schools can break the AFA Charter.  
Regardless of "tradition" the rule, which could be enforced NOW by the 
Committee, is quite clear.  This is a "screw the rule" law.  If you want to 
bring it into compliance, ban researchers.  Period.

At attempt to bring people in compliance with the rule by violating the rule 
is NOT something in the NDT Charter.  Either amend the NDT Charter, the AFA 
Code of Ethics, or get rid of the rule.

I think teams should think about just not complying with the rule as 
illegal.  The Executive Committee needs to do some legislative work, before 
rule matches up.  Until then, think it should be void for the 2007 NDT.

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>I'll add KU to the Division 1 list.
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>I  believe that the NDT committee has exceeded their authority in passing
>this  new rule regarding what participants do in their hotel rooms in the

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