[eDebate] A compromise: What about an international law topic?

Joe Patrice joepatrice
Fri Apr 7 14:19:36 CDT 2006

Unfortunately, the ballot has to come out in the next couple of days in
order to have a topic at all for next year and the topic committee has
already done a lot of work to provide topic areas for next year's legal
topic (it is mandated to be a legal topic by a prior resolution).

However, I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone willing to
write topic area papers for the following year's topic (2007-08) to start
getting those together.  There are no restrictions on the area (it can be
international, domestic or legal) and the sooner you can start that process
the more time the committee has to review the paper, discuss it, suggest
further edits or further areas of research and all around improve the topic
process.  Sooner is always better, but I'd encourage people to have their
papers together by November 16, which is the date of the NCA conference and
will be a good opportunity to find a lot of the TC people in one room and
ready to discuss the papers.

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