[eDebate] the "legal" topic

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Fri Apr 7 15:45:44 CDT 2006

I also was suprised to see such an extensive view of the legal topic.  I
honestly thought we were getting a court topic because we had not had one in
over a decade.

If by legal topic all that was meant was domestic topic with legal
implications.....why all the hubub? Surely people dont think every topic
should be foreign policy?


On 4/7/06, Logan Martin <logan.martin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Perhaps this quickly becomes irrelevant whent he topic areas are announced
> in a couple of days, but among all of the discussion on the validity of
> predetermining that next year's topic will be "legal" has anyone clarified
> exactly what that means?  I was originally operating under the notion that
> this meant the resoultion would be about constitutional issues/the supreme
> court, but discussions recently have susggested that a legal topic could
> include anything from IPR, internet regulation, detainment policies, or
> ilaw.  While i guess the term "legal" implies the word "law" and thus it
> would be reasonable to assume that the resouiton will require affirmatives
> to affect the law, i don't know if that's different than the last 50 topics
> we've had.  Thus the question, what are the exact limits on next year's
> topic's scope?
> Logan
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