[eDebate] eligibility rule change

Rob Eback robeback00
Sun Apr 9 10:24:12 CDT 2006

I guess my question is really why make it retroactive? Why take eligibility
away from people who were saving it? Sure we don't want to create life-long
debaters, but under my understanding of the rules is that there were checks
in the system for preventing something like with the four NDTs and four
CEDAs rules. Also, it seems odd to me that it would be retroactive given the
precedent set by the merger that "grandfathered" in eligibility.

Rob Eback

On 4/9/06, Morris, Eric R <EricMorris at missouristate.edu> wrote:
>  First, at the time that a rule like that comes into dispute, the time is
> question is always retroactive.
> Second, they are retroactive. They affect people currently debating as
> well as future debaters.
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>  Semi-random question: Why are all these eligibility rules changes being
> made written to sound like they're retroactive?
> Rob Eback
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