[eDebate] Westin Smoking/random Charges - check your statements...

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Sun Apr 9 12:54:10 CDT 2006

I talked to people at the Westin as well.  I got charged a smoking charge, 
even though everyone on my team vehemently denies anyone smoked in a room.  
The credit card that was charged was not even a room with smokers in it.  
Upon interrogation, the Westin people said they couldn't even tell me WHICH 
room was responsible for the smoking charge, and that accounting would have 
to deal with it. Apparently they just charged a credit card that I used for 
one of our rooms. That's the information I received.  I don't even really 
know if its a smoking charge.

I didn't even notice the charge until I saw Jackie's post and thought I'd 
just go see if I was charged anything random, since I had to send in a 
credit card payment anyway.  I was.  They never called or said anything at 
checkout.  I suggest everyone check their credit card statements.

Here's another funny one, they charge you TAX on the charge they make to 
your room.  I guess its income for them.

I called my credit card company and immediately disputed the charge.  The 
Westin will "get back to me" tomorrow when accounting is in.  Apparently 
accounting does these charges through their manager not the front desk.  
Calling the front desk and their manager will only get you so far.

One person asked if perhaps they were making random "smoking charges" to 
recoup damages from the hotel.  I am a Starwood preferred member and stay at 
Westins all the time.  This is fairly ridiculous.

I sent a copy to Tim, perhaps we can put some pressure on them to alleviate 
these charges.  I'll let you know how my fight goes.  Call your credit card 
companies and dispute if you get a charge.


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