[eDebate] The death of policy debate at the University of Oregon

Joseph Carver carrolltondebate
Mon Apr 10 07:48:37 CDT 2006

This is terrible news for the Northwest. I really wonder what schools ARE
willing to do to keep policy alive. I mean, here is a team that got minimal
"support" from a coaching staff of three, was able to attend tournaments
like Northwest CEDA for free and was in elimination rounds of CEDA ( I don't
know about this year) the years that I was at Whitman. To see the efforts of
people like Joe Patrice, Kara Borden, Chris Crew and Justin Racette totally
disregarded without so much as consulting with the students is ridiculous.
I hope that the community will rally and get in touch with those who have
made this decision. From the discussions that I have had, it seems like this
decision might be reversible.
I wonder how many times we will see people secure graduate assistantships or
tenure track positions under the pretense of operating a policy team and
then shift over to parliamentary debate in an attempt to stay closer to home
or research less? Parliamentary debate presents a tempting alternative to
these folks. Lassitude is winning the battle for debate's future.

Joseph Carver
Director of Debate
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

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