[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

Joseph Carver carrolltondebate
Mon Apr 10 11:47:05 CDT 2006

On 4/10/06, Steven D'Amico <stevendamico at gmail.com> wrote:
I'm really confused by this post. I see to two different points. The topic
process is not open (fair opinion, while I disagree with it) and debating
roe v wade is bad for women in debate.

 The idea that the topic process is "closed" is laughable. More likely
people grow lazy while they wait for the same 3 -7 people to flesh out a
resolution that they can complain about for the next year.
The posts from the leadership begging for more people to participate
outnumber Tuna's posts about the WDI. I won't get in to the Roe part of this
discussion but I have to dispute the portion of Nicole's post that
identiifes this process as insular.

Joe Carver
Carrollton Debate

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