[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

kathryn rubino kathrynrubino
Mon Apr 10 11:48:27 CDT 2006

While I fundamentally agree with a woman's right to choose I would urge you
to hesitate before making such a rash determination on the courts topic.
First of all even if courts wins and 1 of the rez choices includes overturn
roe it is highly doubtful all choices will include that and courts has a lot
of potential to be a great topic.  Even if a "roe" rez does win don't run it
as your aff and destroy it on the neg-- the debate community is rarely
accused of being too conservative and I'm sure many of the arguments against
overturning roe will be well received.

I also think the arguments for overturning Roe are a lot more nuanced then
you give them credit for, as both an attorney and a debate coach I can say
the literature supports an argument that a woman's right to choose may be
better protected in divorcing the right to choose from Roe see
http://www.timothypcarney.com/?page_id=176.  it is also a fascinating issue
that with the recent additions to the supreme court are incredibly timely,
and as overturning Roe is something we may very well have to face in the
"real world" I would urge you not to put your head in the sand and ignore it
as a topic, but instead vote for it and engage it-- everyone may learn
something that way.

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