[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

nrichter at umsis.miami.edu nrichter
Mon Apr 10 12:15:49 CDT 2006

I think the idea of the topic process being open assumes an idealized 
Habermasian notion of communication. You assume that men and womyn have equal 
access to using their voice in this space. Some womyn do not feel comfortable 
speaking to an entirely male topic committee. There is a power relationship 
that silences some womyn or undermines their ability to feel comfortable 
speaking in this space. I believe you that your opinion may not have been 
devalued at these meetings, but I don't think you have made an argument about 
why that is equally true for womyn.

Quoting Mikedavis13 at aol.com:

> Joe is 100% correct here. The topic committee had an open meeting during
>  the 
> quad debate at CEDA and, while the attendance was better than normal,
> most  
> people decided to sleep in. Anyone can show up at any topic meeting and
> as  
> someone who has never been on the topic committee (but has attended half
> a dozen  
> meetings) I have never felt that my opinion was devalued or not 
> considered.
> My advice is get to KC or come to any of the topic meetings during the 
> year. 
> Or work on a topic paper for next year (Steve is soliciting ideas now
> for  
> 2007-2008). The claim that people are excluded from participating is
> just not  
> true. Unless having a meeting at 9:30 excludes people.
> Mike
> In a message dated 4/10/2006 12:49:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
> carrolltondebate at gmail.com writes:
> The idea  that the topic process is "closed" is laughable. More likely
> people 
> grow lazy  while they wait for the same 3 -7 people to flesh out a
> resolution 
> that they  can complain about for the next year. 
> The posts from the leadership  begging for more people to participate 
> outnumber Tuna's posts about the WDI. I  won't get in to the Roe part of
> this 
> discussion but I have to dispute the  portion of Nicole's post that
> identiifes this 
> process as insular. 

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