[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

Lindy Simonsen lindycws
Mon Apr 10 12:20:30 CDT 2006

At the very least hows about we let the wome/yn debaters decide if they would like to debate this year (if roe v. wade is up for debate) instead of having their coaches determine it for them?

If those who have to listen to the debates express their issues in philosophies the problem will be solved for judges as well.

we've debated lots of hot topic issues. I dont necessarily like hearing rape debates or debates over homosexuality (that some of those so offened by this topic brought up in their debates) but our activity is an open forum and if we start to close off certain issues can we truly claim to be open and in search of ultimate truths?

I guess my biggest problem with this whole conversation is the fact that we can brush to the side the wishes of what the debaters would like to debate about and make the decisions for themselves.

- Lindy

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