[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

Joseph Carver carrolltondebate
Mon Apr 10 12:22:25 CDT 2006

On 4/10/06, nrichter at umsis.miami.edu <nrichter at umsis.miami.edu> wrote:
> . I believe you that your opinion may not have been
> devalued at these meetings, but I don't think you have made an argument
> about
> why that is equally true for womyn.

I think that the onus is on you to describe why the participation is
structured in a way to forecloses meaningful female participation. Afterall,
the topic process has multiple avenues for participation. If not in a group
setting that makes the sphere uncomfortable, why not in the writing process?
This argument is a non starter. Perhaps someone who has attended the topic
meetings or written a paper would like to step up and explain what part of
the dynamic made them feel excluded?


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