[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

Paul Strait paulstrait
Mon Apr 10 12:56:32 CDT 2006

Bracket off the fact that no one has attempted at all to answer the arg made 
by Rubino and Hester that if Aff's have to overturn Roe v. Wade, it doesn't 
also mean they have to advocate a pro-life position.

Also, bracket off the argument made by many that this is an extremely 
salient political issue and it is telling that people are afraid to debate 
both sides of it.  (And the idea that Roe v. Wade is equivalent to Brown v. 
Board of Education of Topeka is one of the offensive thing I have heard on 
edebate since Matt Schiros was around, and a total slap in the face to 
pro-life feminists as well as people of color).

The way that this complaint has been made just seems childish to me.  It 
almost sounds like people would be willing to hijack debate if they don't 
get their way.  "if the topic that I don't want wins, I just won't debate" 
or "if the topic that I don't want wins, as a judge I will always vote 
Aff/neg."  Grow up.

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