[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

kathryn rubino kathrynrubino
Mon Apr 10 13:25:17 CDT 2006

"4. The point that Nicole Richter makes about Brown v. Board resonates with

I think the Brown analogy is a false one.  Overturning Brown is not
something we as a society are likely to face in the next 20 years-- the same
is not true for Roe.  I will also underscore Hester's post-- there are lots
of pro-choice voices out there that support overturning Roe.  This is not as
clear cut an issue as some posts seem to indicate...it almost seems... well
debatable, from a multiplicity of perspectives....hmmmm.  And I would argue
that the ability to look at this issue critically can encourage greater
women's participation, and furthermore it is that level of dexterity with
one of the most salient issues feminists are likely to face that
demonstrates the benefits of our activity.

"5. Given the way that debate has become more personal, it seems pretty
clear to me that debating Roe would put an additional burden on at least
some subset of women debaters and judges.
6. This is not the only case that might lead to such a problem. I heard
another respected coach say that they might find it impossible to vote for
an aff that overturned Lawrence v. Texas.
7. Both of those cases are about privacy to a large extent. I think we
need to be very careful about proposing resolutions that are likely to
impinge on people's privacy as we debate them. And that's what I think some
of the responses to the posts by the Nicoles are missing"

Yes debates have gotten more personal over the years, but that is a choice
that debaters make, plenty of debaters, male and female, debate from a
"objective" perspective.  Additionally, no one is answering the Title 7
example and how debating things that are difficult is actually educational.
It not only forces debaters to engage a body of literature that they
otherwise might ignore, but I found it educational on the level of teaching
me how to deal with real world politics that become personal.  And trust me,
I get how a world without Roe can seem scary but this is really happening
and how is society going to deal with it if some of the best minds in the
country refuse to even debate it in an academic setting.  A vote for a Roe
resolution (and lets be clear a vote for the courts topic is not a vote to
debate Roe) does not mandate that a debater must advocate something they do
not believe in.

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