[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

kathryn rubino kathrynrubino
Mon Apr 10 13:48:06 CDT 2006

> >>I am not saying we should not debate identity politics, look at my
> response to
> Scott. I think title 7 was a great topic, I think we should model our
> topics
> off of topics which are more progressive in nature.>>

I guess this is where we just differ-- I think overturning Roe has an
incredible potential to be progressive.  In fact I'd be surprised if this
were the topic if many Roe affs were anti-choice.  I read or study the Roe
decision and I am struck by the violent regulation of women's bodies-- we
can and should do a better job of protecting a right to choose then that
decision.  I'd like a topic that allows debaters to envision those

> >>THIS IS MY FEAR!! This adds evidence to my position that this topic will
> only
> make it more likely that people find compelling reasons to overturn the
> decision. Even if these arguments can be defended from that perspective, I
> do
> not believe that the court in its current makeup will adopt this
> liberating pro-
> choice perspective.>>

First of all I'm not so sure that a state's rights decision wouldn't be in
reality a liberal decision.  And I do not think that whether we debate this
has a direct impact on the S Ct's decision.  In truth I do not think that
the Roe doctrine is sustainable, why shouldn't we look for alternatives
outside of that box? I'm not afraid to think about a world outside of Roe
and I think the experience of really interrogating those issues would be
educational and enlightening.

>>But why were they elected by the community? I am not personally attacking
anyone that was elected, but I am questioning why we only elected men. I am
glad you opinions we listened to at the committee meeting. I hope my
will be considered by the topic committee in the same way. It seems like at
this point, many people in the community do not seem to be "respecting" my

I agree with you.  I only meant to point out that in the world where the
committee exists as is some of the members are trying to mitigate the harm.

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