[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

Sarah Snider snider.sj
Mon Apr 10 14:00:47 CDT 2006

The first post on this thread indicated there was no paper on this
particular case. I was just asking for confirmation regarding this claim.

I am also wondering if there are documents that are publicly available that
discuss the governance of the topic committee.

I know about the process and that anyone can come to the meeting and
participate. I am more concerned about general topic committee governance
than the topic selection process.


On 4/10/06, Mikedavis13 at aol.com <Mikedavis13 at aol.com> wrote:
> There is SC topic paper - not sure where the claim that there is no paper
> came from. Topic wording papers are where more of the research is done. This
> is where the individual cases for inclusion on the ballot are fleshed out.
> Anyone can volunteer to help in the topic wording process either prior to or
> at the meeting.
> Mike
> In a message dated 4/10/2006 2:52:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> snider.sj at gmail.com writes:
> was there really not a topic paper written for this topic?
> so, the committee can just pick topics out of thin air that we have no
> papers for?
> are there documents that explain the governance of the topic committee?
> are they published somewhere?
> who governs the topic committee?
> Sj
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