[eDebate] Do not put it on the BALLOT

Matt Cormack mattedebate
Mon Apr 10 14:11:42 CDT 2006

The most important thing that debate has taught me is
respect for others and their ideas.  This doesn't mean
I agree with everyone, but I think the world would be
a hell of a lot better if people respected other
people's beliefs and attempted to persuade them
instead of becomming filled with hate and intolerance.
 I think there is a large group of people down in
Lynchburg, VA who would have the exact opposite
reaction to this discusison.  Have we as a community
already made up our minds that they are wrong and that
their position should not even be considered?  I don't
care to defend any of these political beliefs or tell
you what my political beliefs are but it is sad that
one of the greatest debates in contemporary american
politics is one that we can't even have because one
side of the debate feels the need to withdraw from the
discussion if the topic is raised.  I think Paul
Johnson raised some great points on this issue and the
danger of closing off debate.


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