[eDebate] Do not put it on the BALLOT

Michael Eber eber
Mon Apr 10 14:18:56 CDT 2006


I'm against including Roe vs. Wade in the resolution, but c'mon here.
Wouldn't it be great to tell a novice that they have the opportunity to
debate one of the most hotly contested social issues of our time? Isn't that
the kind of topic that students think of when they hear the word "debate"
mentioned on a college campus? 


Of course, if you told them at the beginning that they will be pained by the
experience of arguing against whatever they believe, your prophecy would
probably ring true. But if you told them about the genuine OPPORTUNITY
provided by the process of college debate, I bet you could hook quite a few
new students.






QUIT CHANGING THE SUBJECT!  This is not about the topic committee, this is
about inclusion in debate.  The resolution that "overturns Roe vs. Wade"
has the potential for more harm than good.  What will this do to inclusion,
how will I explain this to novices????? 

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