[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

Joe Patrice joepatrice
Mon Apr 10 14:19:41 CDT 2006

This responds to the Sarah Snider post.  As for this topic there wasn't a
topic paper written per se.  There was a topic paper written that limiting
the Supreme Court overrule to Federalism cases.  At the most recent meeting,
the mood was that the paper was very good at explaining why an overturn
mechanism was good, but that Federalism was too limited as a harms area.
The meeting concluded that the mechanism described in the Courts paper
needed expansion.

We're kind of pressed for topic papers this year.  One of them concluded
"please don't select me" and another was a great harms area but the
committee had concerns as to its viability as a topic (the applicable
mechanisms weren't clear, the key definitions weren't clear, the scope was
so broad that any resolution would end up far afield of the community's
topic area vote, etc.).  That left us with 3 areas, and desperate times
called for desperate measures including an expansion of the Fsm paper.

I understand that this is off-putting.  We're starting our work on all the
topic areas now so we're ahead of the game when one gets chosen.  I will
endeavor to send routine updates as to how it's going to compensate for you
not having an on-point paper.
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